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Location:  45km from Vientiane capital, Lao PDR
Start date: March/April 2013
Duration: 1 year (with possible extension) 
Application deadline:  15 January 2013
Help improve community livelihoods and food security in Lao PDR. Specifically:
a) Build the capacity of Primary Animal Health Workers (PAHWs) to provide basic animal healthcare services in their communities
b) Contribute to developing and supervising livelihoods activities, including poultry production
c) Help make links to human and environmental health issues such as nutrition and hygiene, and build sustainability of project interventions
Full job description and application details available at
Please send your CV and completed APPLICATION FORM to  Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.
The success of VWB and its programs relies on the motivation, initiative and creativity of the individuals who make up the team. The Veterinarian and Livelihoods Officer has the chance to make a big difference to the lives of community members and learn new approaches and ways of working.  This role is pivotal to the on-going success of the Laos Village Ecohealth and Veterinary Extension project, and the incumbent will provide technical leadership and project management to help build and sustain it. Leveraged by two new grants from CIDA and IDRC, the project is in a three year phase to consolidate existing activities and ensure the sustainability of its outcomes.

PostDoc position (malaria modelling)

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute is a public institution with the mandate to contribute to the improvement of the health of populations internationally and nationally through excellence in research, services, and teaching and training.

The Health Systems and Dynamical Modelling Unit of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute is seeking a highly motivated and independent Computational Epidemiologist (malaria modeling) to join a multidisciplinary team working on micro-simulation of the epidemiology and control of malaria, in the context of a international collaboration funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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